The title track from D.C. Anderson’s i am still release starts on a somber note. Just piano and his made-for-musical-theater voice singing of “thistles where there once was grass.” But listen for a moment and hear the acoustic guitar add delicate touches as Anderson fleshes out a story of an abandoned hotel—from the hotel’s point of view. The unusual perspective coupled with the sonic sparseness of the song proves quite refreshing.

The rest of the album offers equal parts comedy and drama. From the hilarious “Jury Duty Girlfriend” (“How long can she resist? I’m the only guy who’s single, let’s turn this trial into a tryst”) to the moving “Sad Man,” written after the death of his mother, Anderson paints pictures that you’ll want to keep hanging in your mind. "
— Mare Wakefield, Performing Songwriter Magazine November 2006

Welcome to my listening room. Here are a few selections from each of my CD's as well as a few bonus tracks to enjoy.

  1. 'first to go' from the CD 'Close Companions' - d.c. anderson/geoff packard
  2. 'what's happened since' from the CD Close Companions' - d.c. anderson/bryce kulak
  3. 'our story' from the CD 'Our Story' - d.c. anderson/geoff packard
  4. 'nine percent disgusted: an art song'; from the CD 'Our Story' - d.c. anderson/steven landau
  5. 'jury duty girlfriend' from the CD 'i am still' - d.c. anderson/ritt henn
  6. 'i am still' from the CD of the same name - d.c. anderson/steven landau
  7. 'i don't know my way around a dream' from the CD 'Ballad' - d.c. anderson/elizabeth doyle
  8. 'chocolate is fine' from the CD 'Ballad' - d.c. anderson/ricklen nobis
  9. 'i leave in doubt' from the CD 'Collected' - d.c. anderson/lem jay ignacio
  10. 'humming chorus' from the CD 'Collected' - giacomo puccini
  11. 'are you burning, little candle' from the CD 'all is calm, all is bright' - jane siberry
  12. 'hands' from the CD 'all is calm, all is bright' - d.c. anderson/steven landau
  13. 'flintstones' from the CD 'Blue Summer Day' - joseph barbera/william hanna
  14. 'paul' from the CD 'Blue Summer Day' - d.c. anderson/rick snyder
  15. 'new words' from the CD 'The Box Under the Bed' - maury yeston
  16. 'fly me to the moon' from the CD 'The Box Under the Bed' - bart howard
  17. 'arrow' from the CD 'Time Was' - cheryl wheeler
  18. 'far away from me' from the CD 'Time Was' - mare winningham
  19. 'one family' sung by sheldon and margery harnick, richard kiley and deidre kiley from the CD 'Cabaret Noel: a Broadway Cares Christmas' - sheldon harnick
  20. 'surabaya santa' sung by kristine zbornick from the CD 'Cabaret Noel: a Broadway Cares Christmas' - jason robert brown/kristine zbornick
  21. 'i hear a symphony' sung by peter bradley adams from the CD 'in my room'  - matthew ryan
  22. 'only you' sung by dakota blonde - vince clarke
  23. Bonus: 'at the pound' from babbie green's 'in nobody's shadow' - babbie green